Adhesive Materials
This is the field in which we have been engaged for many years, providing a wide range of products. The problem of environmental disruption has recently taken a close-up, and we have been coping with it through providing the environment-friendly materials such as water-based resin.
Product Application, Feature
Line-up of water-based products
Asahi Kasei SB latex Woodworking adhesive,
Building adhesive, paper processing,
Textile processing, Cement mixing
Acrylic latex Coatings such as paints,
Regulator of mortar water absorption,
Mortar mixing
Redispersible powder resin
Vinnapas powder
Cement mixing, Foundation adjustment coating, premix mortar
Water-based polyurethane Coatings such as paints, plastics coatings (Various)
Water-based highpolymers (Various) Polyacrylic acid, Cellulose-derivatives, PVA, PVP
Surfactant / Additive (Various) Emulsifier, Dispersant, Stabilizer, Defoaming agents, Foaming agents
Line up of hard resin
Acrylic resin
Thermo-setting resin
Epoxy resin Coating, Adhesive, Immersion mold
Hardener Normal temperature setting, Latent setting
Additive Reactive diluent
Unsaturated polyester resin Corrosion resistance, Molding
Vinylester resin Corrosion resistance, Molding
Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) resin Engineering plastics
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