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Supporting the Black Box of New Technology We are making a contribution to the community through providing fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, etc. in the age rapidly progressing in technology.
We, Nisshin Kasei Co., Ltd., are a trading company specializing in chemicals.

Since its foundation in 1958, we have been maintaining a close business relationship with Dow Chemical Company in the U.S.A., the world's leading chemical manufacturer, and we have been cultivating a market in Japan mainly for their specialty chemicals and synthetic resins.

We have also made special contracts with major chemical manufacturers at home and abroad, and we have been providing various raw materials of chemicals as a trading company specializing in chemicals.

Our aim is to create such business as will be able to contribute to the coming generation especially with our development of fine chemicals and specialty chemicals.
It is always our wish that we will be able to assist our customers in improving and developing their products.

Since the opening of the 21st century, our environment and social structures have been increasingly undergoing tremendous changes.
Under these circumstances, we wish to be a company which will be able to contribute to the society through bringing up capable staff members who are sensitive enough to changes in market's needs and customer's requests.

Your continued favor and encouragement will be highly appreciated.

Tadasu Uemura, President
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