Cleaners and Water-treatment Materials
Water is a fortune for every life.
We have a wide assortment of products to produce the water for various uses from industrial to pharmaceutical / food (ultra pure water and drinking water).
We are also providing a metal-degreasing cleaner, aiming at defreonation and dechlorination from a view point of environment protection.
Product Application, Feature
Ion exchange resin /
Dow Chemical Japan
Ultra pure water,
Demineralized and softened water, Cooling water, Pharmaceutical water, Sugar liquid
ABZOL JG cleaner /
Albemarle Japan
Metal-degreasing cleaner, Defreonation and Dechlorination.
Reclaimer of solvent gas Reclaimer of cleaner (Various)
Supersonic steam cleaning equipment Airtight cleaning equipment
For more information, please contact Water-treatment Materials and Cleaners Team at the following office:
Osaka Head Office TEL: +81-6-6203-1891 FAX: +81-6-6227-0612
Tokyo Branch Office TEL: +81-3-3866-1141 FAX: +81-3-3866-1480
Nagoya Branch Office TEL: +81-52-957-2223 FAX: +81-52-957-2229
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