Powder Inspection Equipment PIE-C2
Enlarged photo
PIE-C3 is a desk-type inspection machine of foreign material in powder, which we have been able to develop first in the world. This machine can automatically inspect the foreign material in powder with its CCD two-dimensional camera in the place of manual inspection. So it is possible to inspect a variation of foreign material between lots and also in one lot on the occasion of powders being delivered and also being processed.
The cylindrically filled powder rises rotatively, its certain quantity is scratched with a scraper and the newly appeared surface of powder is inspected.
The quantity to be scratched of the cylindrically filled powder can be voluntarily determined through the setting of the thickness (0.1, 0.2 and 0.3mm) to be scratched. This machine can inspect many specimens in a short time, and its inspection is very accurate and highly precise.
The specimen of 50 to 200 grams can be inspected in 5 to15 minutes with the analysis capability of 30 micron and the detection capability of 50 micron.
The inspection conditions of maximum 60 items can be fixed and registered. If the foreign material of fixed size is detected, the machine stops at the designated frontal position, enabling the confirmation of detection and also the sampling.
The inspection results can be exhibited in figure by the size of foreign material, and maximum, minimum and average value can be printed out. If necessary, the first-hand data each can be printed out.
Advantages of this machine
> The inspection system with validation and calibration can be established.
> The inspection data can be jointly owned by both manufactures and users of raw materials. So the objective index for the mixing of foreign material in powder can be obtained.
Outline of equipment
CCD two-dimensional camera AZIOU2 Matsushita Denko
Lens ANM88501 Moritex
LED illumination SQR-56-SW LLS
Liquid crystal monitor AQUOS Sharp
Main body
Cylinder type, 369mm, 692mm (height), 50kg(weight)
Operation board 500mm(length), 250mm (width), 600mm (height), 30kg (weight)
Power source AC 100V (Air pressures or vacuum facility is unnecessary.)
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