Main Vendors
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Domestic Vendors
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation SB latex, Acrylic latex,
Synthetic rubber, Epoxy resin, Hardener,
Redispersible powder resin, Japanese paper
Asahi Fiber Glass Company Glass-fiber
Albemarle Japan Co., Ltd. ABZOL (Brom flameproof degreasing cleaner)
Kao Corporation Surfactant, Unsaturated polyester resin, plasticizer
Kyoeisha Chemical Co., Ltd. Acrylic binder
Goo Chemical Co., Ltd. Water-soluble polyester, Cellulose firing binder
Sakamoto Yakuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd. Epoxy resin diluent, Flame retardant, Glycerin
Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. Urethane resin
Shikoku Corporation Imidazole epoxy resin hardener, Alborex (Wisker)
Showa Highpolymer Co., Ltd. Unsaturated polyester resin, Vinylester resin, Phenol resin
Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. Metholose, High-Metholose, Binder and Coating agents for pharmaceuticals, Silicone
Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. Butyral resin, Synthetic wood, Tapes
Sekisui Fuller Co., Ltd. Cement for ceramic pipe, Adhesive
Seikoh Chemicals Co., Ltd. Urethane resin
Cerarica Noda Co., Ltd. Carnauba Wax (Refined)
Dainippon Ink and Chemicals, Incorporated EVA emulsion, Paint resin, Pigment, Antiseptics, Unsaturated polyester, Acrylic emulsion, Fluorine activator, Urethane resin, PPS
Daihachi Chemicals Industry Co., Ltd. Phosphate ester
Tsuruga Cement Building Materials Co., Ltd. Cement (Special)
Dow Corning Toray Silicone Co., Ltd. Silicone
Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. Urethane raw solution, Sofran board
Nisshin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Vinylchloride emulsion,
Vinylchloride/Vinylacetate copolymer resin
K.K. Nissei Kagaku Kogyo Pharmaceutical intermediate, Functional materials synthesis
Nitto Kasei Co., Ltd. Epoxy resin diluent
Nihon Jyoryu Kogyo Co., Ltd. Device materials synthesis
Nippon Oil and Fats Co., Ltd. Organic peroxide, Synthetic resin reforming agents, Stabilizer, Lubricant
Nippon Nyukazai Co., Ltd. Surfactant, Glycol ether
Matsumura Oil Chemical Co., Ltd. Butyl products
Mitsubishi Polyester Film Corporation Polyester film
Mitsubishi-Kagaku Foods Corporation Sugar ester
Misubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. Acrylic sheet, Acrylic resin
Yasuhara Chemical Co., Ltd. Terpene resin, Terpineol
Ganz Chemical Co., Ltd. Latex processed products
San Nopco Limited Defoaming agents
Dow polyurethanes Japan Limited Urethane raw materials
Clariant(Japan)K.K. Resin for processing Leather & Paper
PVA Defoamers
Cleaning agents for Flexographic Printing Ink
Overseas Vendors
Dow Chemical Company(USA) Ethylecellulose
Ion exhange resin
Epoxy resin
Urethane raw materials
Specialty chemicals
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.(Seradyn) Uniform latex particles
Magsphere,Inc.(USA) Uniform latex particles
Graco, Inc.(USA) FRP spray-up system
RTM injector
Foaming urethane spray system
Epoxy, Urethane spray system
Finn & Fram, Inc.(USA) Carbon-fiber cutter
Glass-fiber cutter
FSI Coating Technologies, Inc.(USA) Anti-fog film
Anti-fog sheet
Anti-fog solution
SABIC Innovative Plastics(USA) Anti-fog sheet
Albemarle Corp.(USA) ABZOL
(Brom flameproof degreasing cleaner)
Rohm and Haas Company(USA) Acrylic resin
Oriental Silicas Corporation(Taiwan) Silica
ASHLAND Chemical(USA) Adhesive
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