Electronic Materials
The electronics technology which Japan is proud of is supported by various new materials. We are also providing new materials along with up-to-date technical information.
Concerning "Wall- hanging TV", we paid attention to it earlier than any other traders, and we are providing the related materials which are useful in technological innovation.
Product Application, Feature
Our original products
EC VehicleDetails Paste (Various), Coating binder
Dow's products
Electric/Electronic parts
Binder for ceramics
Purimacol Olefin heat sensitive adhesive
DOWANOL Propylene glycol ether
Rohm and Haas' products
Duramax B Water-based binder for ceramic molding
Duramax D Water-based dispersant for ceramic molding
Kyoeisha Chemical's products
Olicox Solvent-based binder for ceramics
Goo Chemical's products
G Series Solvent-based acrylic binder for LTCC firing at low-temperature
NSK Series Paste binder for electric conduction, induced electricity and insulation.
Pluscoat Primer for film (Various)
Sekisui Chemical's products
S-LEC Binder for ceramic molding
Device materials
Organic photosensitive/Electrically conducting paste, Insulation paste, Nickel
Dainippon Ink and Chemicals' products
Water-based urethane resin Water-based binder for specific application
For more information, please contact Electronic Materials Team at the following office:
Osaka Head Office TEL: +81-6-6203-1891 FAX: +81-6-6227-0612
Tokyo Branch Office TEL: +81-3-3866-1141 FAX: +81-3-3866-1480
Nagoya Branch Office TEL: +81-52-957-2223 FAX: +81-52-957-2229
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